I’ve been meaning to start a blog for a while now, but haven’t quite had the courage to do so until now. At first it was friends telling me that I had a good eye, or that they would love for me to write about my Toronto tips since I’m always out and about exploring the city. Then it was me, feeling like I had some ideas to share about living with the seasons, shamelessly chasing pleasure, and turning daily moments into occasions for ritual and celebration.

But I held back. I doubted myself, felt that the internet was already so full of ideas, and thought that starting a blog would be taking myself too seriously. Until I met a special badass lady named Brittany in the park, who encouraged me to dig deep and face my fears. Suddenly I realized that there’s no shame in taking your ideas seriously, that everyone has something to share, and that the internet still has room for anyone who wants a little corner for themselves.

So here we go… Finally I’m brave enough to recognize maybe my ideas could be of value to others, that they could inspire some to be shamelessly good to themselves and to celebrate the everyday. L’Occasioniste will be a space where I share my practice of occasionizing aka seeking opportunities to make everyday life a little more special.

Thank you for reading, I’m still a bit scared but also excited. Mostly I look forward to hearing from you too.