Fall is coming to an end, and these have been some of my favourite activities this season, both Toronto-specific and in general. I’m in California right now and in a completely different mindset, but it’s fun to look back and start thinking ahead for winter pleasures too.

  • The obvious- a walk to watch the leaves turns. The quad at University College at U of T is a perfect destination for fall magic in Toronto.
  • Eating a slice of carrot cake at a bakery, with a book.
  • Watching Practical Magic around Halloween.
  • Meal prepping: I usually fall off the wagon over summer since I prefer to live off picnics, but when fall rolls in I love a big weekly meal prep.
  • Mushroom-hunting. I used to collect them for dinner with my dad in France. In Canada, I just stick to taking pictures since I haven’t learned to identify them yet. High Park in Toronto has some pretty special specimen.
  • Neighbourhood-exploring. For fall, I pick a side of town rich in bookstores, coffee-shops, and antique treasures.
  • Potion-making. Another year-round ritual, but for fall I lean towards mushrooms, spices, and richer flavours ( favourites include mushroom hot chocolate with chaga, reishi, and cacao; or turmeric lattes).
  • Farmers market. While this is a quintessential summer activity for many, I love going just as much, if not more, in the fall. a) because I’m cooking and baking more and b) bundling up with a hot beverage and strolling around is pretty damn cozy.

Think I’ll stop here for now… what are some of your favourite things to do in the fall?