What’s on my mind and inspiring my occasionizing these days…

  1. Can’t get enough candlelight this time of year. Beeswax casts the loveliest glow, and the smell is both comforting and reminiscent of summer days gone past. I love Noble Candle Co
  2. Four Sigmatic medicinal mushroom drinks. I’ve discussed my love of making seasonal potions, but on days when I don’t have time to play witch in my kitchen Four Sigmatic Mushroom Hot Cacao blends are a perfect treat.
  3. Elizabeth Suzann Cold Weather collection. Elizabeth Suzann is a perfect brand to me- conscious, transparent, and ethically-minded. I feel great wearing her designs, like I’m supporting a solid business and participating in a community of like-minded womxn. It doesn’t hurt that every item is timeless, beautiful, and so very easy to wear. Got my eye on pretty much every piece, but even just following her Instagram feed is a lesson in conscious consumption and buying better things.
  4. Back from a trip to gorgeous California  and all sorts of cactus dreams. In Toronto, Dynasty never fails to fuel my succulent cravings.
  5. A mantra for the holidays: “I am here, now”. Lately I’ve been in a bit of constant panic about some big tasks on the horizon and going home to India for the holidays, and I have found it so helpful to remind myself to stay centred and focused on the present moment, while steadily working towards future goals. While I’m going to be disconnected from my Toronto life and potentially feeling out of balance and panicky, I’m going to remind myself to just enjoy being here, now.