I’ve kinda had a hard time figuring out whether I am self-indulgent/lax with myself, or actually quite self-disciplined and regimented. You’d think it’d be pretty obvious, but I’ve usually felt confused- some of my friends praise my willpower and faithfulness to my commitments, but others remark on my shame-free approach to treating myself.

Recently though, I had a little revelation-I don’t think self-indulgence and self-discipline are opposites at all. In fact, I believe you can’t truly have one without the other. For me, treating myself simply doesn’t feel like a treat unless it’s somewhat special. And, in order to keep it special, I have to maintain some self-discipline. I’m not saying I make myself “earn” every treat, but I do feel I enjoy things more when I make a little effort to ritualize the moment.

For example, I could “treat myself” to any random cookie and call it a day. But instead, I might choose to wait for the right day, when I’m able to take a nice walk to my favourite bakery and pick the seasonal cookie they’ve just come out with (Bunners, looking at you!) A bit of self-discipline to wait and find time for the excursion, but suddenly the cookie has a special aura of occasion surrounding it…. Self-indulgence and self-discipline colliding to complement each other.

What do you think? Have you ever felt confused by self-indulgence and self-discipline being seen as somewhat contradictory? Share your thoughts in the comments!