I know I’ve talked about season-specific rituals and celebrations before, but I also have some year-round tricks I use to upgrade any old day and infuse it with pleasure. I usually try to have something to look forward to everyday, but when a day is looking a little too routine these moves never fail to occasionize it. 11 ideas below, share yours in the comments!

  1. Setting up a shelf or corner with an altar of sorts: a cluster beautiful things, meaningful objects, treasures found in nature… I make a point to meditate on mine daily, and I re-arrange it with the moon or whenever I need fresh inspiration.
  2. A fancy toast:  a spread (butter, honey, tahini, avocado, olive oil, nut butter…)+ toppings (dark chocolate shavings, berries, bananas, cheese, kiwi slices, cucumber…) + a sprinkle on top (cinnamon, sesame seeds, hemp hearts, cocoa powder, cayenne, sumac…)
  3. Cleansing space – palo santo, sage, incense, and beeswax candles to banish bad energies and call in fresh + good vibes.
  4. Cook something. Even just sautéing garlic and onions for a fried egg. Worth it for the smell and cozy mood alone.
  5. A hot drink ritual. A few moments of comfort and alone-time with a favourite hot beverage in a trusted mug.
  6. A bath salty as the sea. I do this to wipe my slate and release any funky energies. I come out fresh, drained, and ready for new.
  7. An aimless walk… or a purposeful one to check in on a favourite place (be it store window or park tree).
  8. Stretching- I’ve been doing at least a few cat-cow’s every day and I swear it wakes up my spine like nothing else. No wonder the gang at the RA MA Institute do it for minutes on end.
  9. Eating a picnic! Year-long, indoors, doesn’t matter. I just do a plate with cheese, nuts, olives, bread, tomatoes, maybe a dip, some chocolate and honey, fruit… Anything really as long as it’s delicious and easy enough to put together in minutes and eat on the floor if desired.
  10. Using essential oils!  I collect various oils for specific needs/times of day to upgrade daily habits. I have an oil blend that I rub on my wrists at bedtime, one that I use at the office when I start to feel stressed, another that I mix in my face oil on the weekends.
  11. Re-reading a favourite passage of a book/poem/essay; words can be so comforting.