There’s a saying in French: “elle s’écoute”; she is listening to herself. Yes, we have that notion in English too, except that in French it’s pejorative. It means that she’s annoying, not making an effort, not trying hard enough to rise above whatever is ailing her. There is much I love about my culture, but that phrase is an example of what I really don’t.

What is so wrong about listening to yourself? About knowing what you need, and hence being able to ask or advocate for it? Sure, we all need to make compromises, and in some situations we may choose to prioritize group well being over our own desires, but, overall, I’d much rather listen to myself and be around womxn who listen to themselves too.

What if we listen but can’t hear? This book helps understand why we may have misplaced our soul’s ears along the way, but many practices can help tune in again. For me, time in nature, staying still with my breath, practicing yoga, and using tools such as tarot and crystals have been transformative (more on that later…)

In some ways, it’s once you do access your soul’s desires that the real work begins. The work of standing up for your needs, wishes, and dreams, and of showing up to honour them.  It’s certainly not easy when the message is to repress, “make an effort”,  “get over it”, or not ruffle feathers.

But I think it’s worth it. A work in progress, a constant evolution, but worth it. So I’m going to keep listening, keep trusting, and keep honouring my intuition like the divine gift it is.