1. Allan Gardens ConservatoryThis one is magical year-round, but their annual Christmas flower show is incredible. Fairy lights and plants are a match made in heaven in my opinion, and the conservatory is a dream right now. There’s even a beautiful vintage toy train winding its way around ferns, pure christmas magic!
  2. 4Life Natural Foods My favourite place to grocery-shop in the city, and where large chunks of my paycheck disappear. These days, they’re carrying Alter Eco’s  (my favourite chocolate brand) festive collection, with flavours like dark chocolate and peppermint or gingerbread milk chocolate. It’s also been a treat getting organic root veggies, unpasteurized cheeses, and lovely baked goods for our winter feasts.
  3. Evergreen Brickworks Winter Village – Another year-round fave, the Brickworks grounds are stunning in all seasons, but my heart flutters a little harder come winter with the addition of snow and fire pits. I love spending a Saturday there, exploring the farmers market, eating at the Winter Village, and taking a little walk around the frozen ponds.
  4. Sloane Tea– I really don’t need more excuses to drink tea, but Sloane Tea’s dreamy packaging and excellent quality products are very difficult to resist during prime nesting/cozy season. I’m embracing it and even considering signing up for their Tea Sommelier Society in the new year.
  5. Montgomery’s Restaurant– The spouse and I had a romantic and delicious date there last weekend, we cannot wait to go back. Candlelight, fresh baked bread, and the best food we’ve had since France this summer! It’s hard to do the food justice with words thanks to the clever flavour combinations, so just go try it (and order the lettuce in broth so you see what I mean!)