This past weekend I did something a little different… A past life regression with the gentle and skilled Chris from Peaceful Juncture. I had read about past life regression in my teens, in this series of books. At the time I thought it seemed interesting, but was under the impression it was more of healing modality for people with chronic health issues or trauma. Then I met Chris, when he facilitated a beautiful sound bath at one of my favourite witchy venues, Wonderworks, and we got to talking about his work in PLR.

I decided to try it mainly because I was curious. Also, I wanted to support Chris and he was offering me a very good rate since he’s still developing his PLR practice. I went into it with an open mind and with few expectations- since I have no major health issues or past trauma to address, I wasn’t particularly focused on a specific goal and decided to just see where Chris took me.

We started with an intake form, and then got right into the PLR. First, Chris guided me through a calming meditation, bringing me down to a deep state of relaxation. Then, he invited me to go back in time in my current life, visiting milestones and sensations at various ages. Finally, we reached infancy, and Chris took me through the final descent into PLR- visualizing a downward elevator journey, followed by a dark tunnel.

When I “arrived” at the edge of my past life, I was feeling very relaxed, yet aware. I’m not quite sure how to describe how and when the past life started manifesting itself in my consciousness, but what I can say is that the experience of “remembering” was physical rather than visual. I had expected that  I would see details clearly, since I have a vivid imagination and also because that was the experience of most in the books I had read, but instead my experience was one of physically experiencing my past self.

I am hesitant to share too much. What I can share, however, is that I experienced being in my past self’s body, which was very different from my current. I felt the weight of her limbs, her height, her gait, her emotional state. Chris led me to explore my surroundings, probing me at each new development, and moving me on when I was unable to see or sense more. We took some time to explore various questions- how was this lifetime different from my current one, did I recognize or sense the presence of any loved ones, did this past self experience any trauma?

Finally, and because I had previously agreed to it, Chris gently guided me to experience this past life’s death scene. Again, I don’t wish to share details, but I slowly let the scene come to me, with Chris encouraging me to reflect on this past life’s lessons. We closed the death scene with a series of messages that I wanted to bring back with me. Chris asked me questions relating to lessons learned, parallels, regrets, sources of joy, etc., in this past life, and encouraged me to decide what I wished to integrate into my current lifetime.

After this, he slowly brought me back to a state of awakeness, and we recapped the experience. This was the point at which I was able to really see parallels, links, and relationships between the two lives, which was very very cool. I think I now know why I stomp around so much, where some of my personality comes from, and I’ve also chosen to bring back some simple words of advice from the past life. Chris and I concluded that my PLR experience was one of seeing how far I have come – it seems that I have already done much of the healing needed from this past life, and am now able to look back on my past self with compassion and tenderness.    

I am grateful for Chris’ expertise- I wasn’t sure I would be able to see or sense anything, but the experiences that came to me felt very organic and genuine. I also definitely see how PLR might be liberating for people with more overt issues to tackle- be it chronic health problems or traumatic events.  What about you? Have you had any experience with or exposure to PLR? Share any thoughts in the comments!