Bangalore… Not the most obvious tourist destination in India, but my family’s home base in the subcontinent for the past 15 years. I love its people, perfect weather, and its amazing trees. I’m back here for a few weeks, visiting the usual haunts and exploring new ones. Find some current favourites below, and happy New Year to everyone on this side of the world! 

  1. Plantation House. This one is an old fave, but I never tire of it. The most beautiful silk and cotton dresses, tunics, and flowy pants, dyed with amazingly lush natural pigments. I own more than a few pieces and wear them year-round, even in Toronto’s moody climate. The idea is to layer textures, lengths, and shades, a game I’m more than happy to play. Plantation House, you have my heart. 
  2. Vimor. Recommended by my dear friendly witch Ragini (more on her coming soon), this little bungalow is a hidden gem. The mother-daughter team behind the store source heirloom textiles and sarees from all over India, and will happily chat with you for hours while draping the aforementioned in every which way. I tried on a gorgeous cotton saree worn as harem pants, and had a lot of fun making turbans out of scrap fabric. A very pleasant way to spend an afternoon and learn more about India’s rich textile heritage.
  3. The Oberoi for tea. A classic. A pot of Assam tea served in the Oberoi’s stunning garden is my favourite treat. The garden is also home to one of my most beloved trees, a 150 year old rain tree whose presence makes the experience all the more magical.
  4. Nisarga Shoppe. My love of farmers’ markets is no secret, and I’m happy to report that being in India does not deprive me of this pleasure. Nisarga Shoppe in Whitefield receives farm-fresh goods every Friday, and offers a great selection of organic spices, powders, and potions every other day of the week. I’m stocking up on their turmeric soap, jaggery, and incense, thank you British Airways for your generous luggage allowance.
  5. Soma. Don’t think I’ve mentioned this here before, but I have quite the love affair with cotton pyjamas. Soma in Indiranagar is my go-to for organic cotton, block-printed pyjamas. The colours, prints, cuts, and quality of the cotton never disappoint, and there’s no better way to occasionize a sleepover than with a favourite pair of pj’s.