I am just back from a family trip to Kovalam beach, Kerala. Kerala is one of India’s southern states, and is known for its Ayurveda centres, coconut everything, and lush vegetation. Thought I would share a few notes here for those looking for beachy inspiration, so here goes, my Kovalam highlights!

  • Overall hippie vibes. Kovalam beach is tiny and has its own little boardwalk, actually a bit reminiscent of Venice beach. Various shops and restaurants line the beach, all curiously sporting a sweet 60’s aesthetic with their hand-drawn signs, bright colours, and hippie goods for sale. Add a sprinkle of India magic and you get the picture:  local cotton sarongs, up-cycled saree harem pants, dreadlocks coated in coconut oil, Ayurvedic potion stores, and temple antiques. I’m bringing back a few potions, a wooden Ganesha, and many a flower child picture.
  • The Indian Ocean and its huge waves. I love the ocean, have always been a water baby, but it’s been a while since I’ve played in such big waves. This strip of the Indian Ocean was perfect for body surfing and for cleansing out 2016 in preparation for the new year. I’m happy I satisfied my surf cravings (for now),  and was ecstatic to get to spend the December new moon by the water.
  • The German Bakery. Every hippie town in India seems to have a “German Bakery”, a pretty simple, wholesome, and airy spot where travellers can acquire fresh breads, cakes, and juices. I’ve always loved these bakeries for their dense, filling breads, comforting pastries, and relaxed atmosphere. The one in Kovalam did not disappoint, it has a large menu of food and drinks in addition to the usual fare, so we gorged on baked potatoes and juices. The “Kerala Special” of fresh pineapple and orange juice with ginger, lime, and black tea, was my favourite. I’ll be re-creating it back home for sure.
  • Fruit on the beach. What a genius idea! Local women sold freshly-made fruit salads all over the beach, making for delicious post-swim snacks. The old woman we went to lovingly peeled and sliced whole pineapples, mangoes, and bananas, topping them with freshly grated coconut from the shell, too good. Juicy mango on salty ocean lips is a memory I won’t soon forget.
  • The bougainvillea. One of my favourite flowers, it was very special reconnecting with these beauties with the Indian ocean as a backdrop. Took a million pictures to accompany my LA cactus shots.
  • Crow song. This one is a bit weird. I love the crows in India, mostly for their song. I know they’re considered pests in some circles, but the witch in me is drawn to their mysterious energy. I had a lovely time drinking my tea to their music every morning. Couldn’t find any crow tunes on the internet, but if someone is selling, I’m buying!

That’s all on Kovalam. Those newer to India might have priorities other than this tiny beach, but veterans craving a little hippie holiday outside of the main Goa circles might be interested. Much love!