What’s on my mind and inspiring my occasionizing these January days…

  1. Just found this Instagram account and app, and I’m in love. The app is fun to play with, but the Instagram is what really does it for me. The colours! The art! And the captions!
  2. Olive oil intrigues… Don’t know how this has stayed off my radar for so long, but I recently learned about olive oil fraud, and have gone down a rabbit hole of articles on the topic. I ended up ordering this book, which I’ve just started reading. Olive oil is truly magical, and I’m learning more on how to make sure I’m buying the real thing (hint- it’s not as obvious as it seems).
  3. Dry brushing. I dry-brush my body year-round, maybe a few times a week. It feels great, gets rid of little goose bumps, and I use an essential oil blend to up the pleasure quotient. Living Libations, one of my all-time favourite companies, has an incredible dry body brush that makes the ritual even more special. My next step is going to be integrating facial dry brushing into my routine, but for now it’s all about the body.
  4. I love to embrace the seasons, sure. But that doesn’t obliterate the need for a bit of a tropical escape in the heart of winter. Luckily, Leahlani Skincare lets me transport to Hawaii when the urge strikes. A flowery bath,  jasmine candle burning, pineapple kombucha, and the mermaid mask make for a deliciously exotic spa day.
  5. Aquarian Sadhana. I woke up at 4 this morning to attend Lotus Yoga Centre’s Aquarian Sadhana, a 2.5 hour dawn celebration of breath, mantra, yoga, and Kundalini magic. While these happen all over the world on various days, Lotus Yoga Centre does theirs one Friday a month. As I’ve mentioned before, Kundalini really does great things for me, and this event comes with the added bonus of seeing the sun rise. Plus, it’s freeeee!