Oh Winter… It took me a few years to get used to Canada’s climate, and I have really struggled with SAD in the past. However, 7 years in Toronto and I’ve (finally!) learned to not only survive, but also embrace winter. There’s much I love about this season of coziness, inwards reflection, and preparation for the burst of activity that spring and summer bring. So, without further ado, some of my winter faves below!

  • Weekly soup. I have become such a soup fiend, with hundred of recipes bookmarked. To get through them all, I’ve been making a new soup each Sunday, the coziest winter activity ever.  Recent favourites include this, this, and this!
  • After a few hours in the kitchen, another Sunday ritual is a salty lavender bath full of coconut oil and honey to hydrate my dry winter body. Candles, a book, essential oils blasting out of my diffuser, pure heaven.
  • Icicle-watching. I absolutely love walking around residential neighbourhoods (like between College and Bloor, or Dundas and Queen), and spotting the often-impressive icicles dangling from the pointy roofs of gorgeous Victorian homes. It’s beautiful, cozy, and transports me to a romantic era.
  • Re-watching Anna Karenina. This movie is a winter classic for the fashion alone. But I also do love its psychology and social commentary. Just having it play in the background is enough to make one feel more positive about winter and its magic.
  • Books. It might be a bit lame to seclude books to a single season, and I do read a lot year-round, but there’s something extra special about reading during the winter. No FOMO about being cuddled up in bed, lots of indoor time to spend leisurely, and, more importantly, maybe an even greater desire to be transported by a work of fiction? I just devoured this, and have been studying a chapter of this one every night.  
  • Trinity Bellwoods Park– this may be a quintessential Toronto summer fave, but I love it in the winter as well. I love getting there early the morning after a snowy night, to admire the trees in their white blanket and smile at early dog-walkers and their pups goofing around in the snow.
  • Soma hot chocolate. We visit Soma almost every week year-round, in summer for their gelato and in winter for their hot chocolate. I love their classic dark cocoa  as a shot, undiluted, but they also offer it blended with water or milk. Sitting in the window of their King West location never disappoints with people-watching either, a perfectly leisurely way to spend a cold afternoon.