Privilege has been on my mind a lot lately, kind of an inevitable preoccupation considering current events. It might be an uncomfortable topic to discuss for many reasons, but I feel it is more than ever necessary to acknowledge it.

This blog very obviously comes from a place of privilege. Concepts such as occasionizing or shamelessly celebrating the everyday can only arise from utter comfort, and of that I am very aware. Do I believe one should feel guilt for being in this comfortable, privileged position? No, because I don’t necessarily see guilt as a productive emotion. But do I believe it is essential to recognize and acknowledge this privileged position? Absolutely.

Beyond recognizing privilege, I also think it is important to understand it. The kind of privilege I’m talking about is not something earned, or something worked hard towards. No amount of positive attitude, good vibes, or manifesting with vision boards can summon this experience of privilege for one that is not born into it. Rather, it is a complete fluke, the product of an unfair society. I think remaining very very aware of this is crucial, as well as humbling.

From this place of humility stems a desire to gracefully step into privilege, without guilt but with a sense of responsibility towards others instead. I am still working on finding the best ways to be an ally, to use my gifts wisely, and to contribute meaningfully, but in the meantime I found this article interesting and a helpful first step. Let me know what you think in the comments!