Ragini Bhow is a best friend, a beautiful soul, and a true lover of life and beauty. I say “a” best friend because Ragini is the essence of what a friend should be- honest, supportive, and always putting in the work to stay connected despite life’s busy-ness and chaos. Beyond this loving heart, Ragini has been blessed with a wicked eye that sees art all around, be it in nature’s bounty or in humans’ sometimes-humorous attempts at controlling our wilderness. I love Ragini’s poetic way of living daily life, her way of taking cues from her intuition and nature to guide her in decisions, but also her ability to counterbalance this with a steadfast groundedness. Ragini may spend hours dreaming of the desert, but she’ll never forget to call you back or cook a delicious meal for girls night. I think we can all learn from this balanced way of moving in the world, and am so excited to bring you Ragini’s perspective below! Note- I’ve added some Hindi-English translations in italics throughout this interview!

Describe who you are.

Sculptor, explorer, illustrator, forager, desert wanderer

How do you like to start your day?

I like to get up early (sometimes as early as 4am if I’m feeling inspired, it’s an especially powerful time of day). I’ve tried to get out of the habit of checking my phone first thing after my eyes open. I like to wake slowly and stretch into Shashankasana, while I recollect my dreams. After this I usually brew a mug of warm Haldi (aka turmeric) honey tea before I take a bath with Basil oil and Sambrani coals to clear the air.

How do you like to end your day?

I make time for peaceful vibes in both the morning and night. Before ending the day, I usually light a candle stick along with some Palo Santo or Sage. Sometimes I rub lavender oil on my chest or pillow to calm myself if I’ve had a chaotic day.

Do you have any other routines or rituals during the day?

In terms of routine – I spend an hour and a half practicing yoga every other day. I also try to get out walking in a park often for my daily nature fix.

For rituals, it depends. If there are days I’m feeling off balance, or phases that have been difficult, I like to introspect after a period of meditation with crystals – usually quartz and amethyst or bloodstone.

With friends, cooking together! Making food and sharing stories over spices is its own sort of ritual I think. I also hold tarot reading sessions with friends – so much healing happens through sharing and introspecting with the deck. Of course full moon nights are special too, usually spent laying outside getting charged.

What are some favourite ways you like to treat yourself?

Taking a trip far out of the city is the best treat! Also massages! Delicious meals! Shopping for plants!

What are some of your favourite occasions throughout the year, both personal and cultural?

Unpredictable occasions for celebration are what excite me – thunderstorms especially and the start of the monsoon season. Petrichor stirs my senses.

What is a tradition or ritual you hope to pass on to your children or others around you?

During my time in Peyote ceremonies, I discovered deep love and gratitude towards water through Native American tradition and ritual. These were very significant and powerful collective experiences and I believe in passing the respect for water I learnt through ceremony on to the people around me.

Do you have any spiritual practices?

Yes, Ashtanga yoga.

Do you have any favourite beauty rituals?

My favourite face/body pack is with sacred Neem. I harvest the leaves, then boil and mash them with Haldi (aka turmeric) and a little milk. It’s really cooling and cleansing, just sucks out all the excess tension and heat in the body.

Any last thoughts on ritual, ceremony, and occasionizing?

Rituals are one of the most ancient practices of humankind. These processes were used by our ancestors to respond and reconcile with the unpredictable, unknown powers of the natural and supernatural environment. In this period when nature has become so far outside of our urban lives, I believe that rituals have the potential to help one reconnect with a sense of self, while developing a deep sensitivity to the natural environment

Thank you Ragini for sharing your magic! Get more of Ms. Bhow on Instagram and her website.