We all have our emergency remedies, our fool-proof healing hacks that (almost) never fail to make us feel better when life has thrown a challenge or two our way. One of mine is movement, which has time and again proven to be the equivalent of therapy, massage, and a juice cleanse rolled into one.

The movement in question is usually yoga, but if that’s not possible for whatever reason, any spine-moving, sweat-inducing moves will do the trick in a pinch. Sweat-inducing is key- I once read an interview with someone who said they aim to at least break a sweat (if not get all-out drenched) everyday. That has really stuck with me, and I try to do the same.

There’s just something so therapeutic in sweating it off, shaking it out, stretching it away. Things in my life have been a little crazy and fast-moving lately, and I’m entering a period of change that’s leaving me slightly frazzled and overwhelmed. Luckily, I know just the way to cope, and feel so grateful that I can count on moving my body no matter what the coming days may brings.

What about you, what are your medicines, healers, and cures?