1. Mellah– I first discovered Mellah soon after they had just opened in 2016, and shortly after bought a cheeky rug there. However, already owning one too-big-for-our-apartment rug has not kept me from visiting this atmospheric gem regularly, if only to dream of Morocco. Or acquire some casual babouches. Or lead my innocent little sister to buy her first Boucherouite this past weekend. Visit Mellah for a rug, inspiration, or just conversation with the lovely wife-husband team of owners.
  2. Veggie D’Light– The veg life is happy and easy, especially with local treasures such as Veggie D’Light. Seitan jerk, vegan curries, and amazing rotis that definitely rival their meaty counterparts.
  3. Longer Days and Park Strolls- With the days slowlyyyy getting longer, I’m getting that undeniable draw towards Trinity Bellwoods park again (not that it ever really left me). But these days, instead of admiring the snow, I’m dreaming and plotting for summer picnics and weekends spent reading in the shade of my favourite trees.
  4. Greenhouse hot drinks– Greenhouse Juice has started serving hot drinks, and they are so delicious. Their matcha latte with homemade almond milk has a sweetness many matcha drinks lack, and the Ho-Cho (their take on a hot cocoa), is a real treat. Perfectly located near the park too, to accompany the aforementioned strolls.  
  5. Dufferin Grove Cob Courtyard– I recently discovered this beautiful structure in Dufferin Grove Park, a delightful little pink cob complex covered in dreamy mosaic, and fell in love. The cob courtyard reminds me of California, the desert, and bohemian adventures, and I’m never mad at being transported as winter days tend to drag on this time of year.

Photo credit: Veggie D’Light- BlogTO