New York.. What a city. I go there a lot to visit my sister, and always have a very long list of new things to do and areas to explore. However, I also have my favourites that I go back to almost every visit. Below, some of my ultimate NYC faves.

Dr. Cow Nut Cheese. This little shop in Brooklyn is the epitome of next-level plant-based eating. Just to give you a bit of context, last time I was there I had a conversation with one of the owners about people who allegedly live off fresh air and nothing else. For those of us who prefer to ingest nutrients, however, the Dr. Cow team creates the most precious nut-based cheeses, healthy jams, and other magical concoctions. They also carry some of my favourite potions, and are always happy to chat about health, nutrition, and the universe.

Love Adorned. Once my insides are taken care of, I always love to drop by Love Adorned in the East Village to lust after their beautiful jewelry. The store itself is an oasis, and their gems never fail to inspire.

Narnia Vintage. This is another oasis of beauty in the city. Narnia’s selection is some of the best vintage I’ve ever seen, and somehow everything in the store makes sense as a cohesive whole, which I find very rare in vintage stores. Narnia always feels as though I’ve walked into a beautiful muse’s closet, and being able to take home a souvenir is a happy bonus.

Secret gardens. These aren’t actually so secret, but they’re definitely unexpected. Take a turn on a small side street, and bam, you may run into the loveliest little garden, housing lush plants, ceramics, and maybe even friendly gnomes. These are a treat year-round, but are downright magical in the summer when the hot nights release flowery scents (which is also a nice break from some of New York’s less-pleasant smells).

CAP Beauty. CAP Beauty ships to Canada, but an in-person visit usually always makes the cut, just to be able to browse what’s new. CAP carries only the highest quality, most trusted natural beauty brands, and I can easily spend up to an hour scurrying from lotion to potion. The shop is housed in a lovely corner of the West Village, which doesn’t hurt either.

Flower Power Herbs and Roots. Another potion-centric haunt, but with a witchy twist. Flower Power carries bulk herbs, roots, and flowers, and everything else you might need to create remedies, spells, and magical teas. The staff are also always happy to give you a full-body sage cleanse, or very professional herbal advice.

Caravan of Dreams. The sweetest, most romantic little cafe, Caravan of Dreams serves a whole menu of plant-based treats and drinks. The mezzeh platter is one of the best I’ve tasted, and sitting on their tiny terrace in the summer is a recipe for happiness.

Washington Square Park. Probably my favourite park in the city, maybe tied with Central Park. There isn’t nearly as much greenery as you might wish, but the energy there is always electrifying. I always get such a buzz remembering all the protests and social movements that defied the status quo in this little park. The people-watching and amazing performances  only add to the experience. And so does all the amazing food you can acquire nearby and enjoy by the fountain.

That’s it for now, more New York posts in the future, but wanted to start by sharing some ultimate hippie faves!