March tends to be pretty dreary but it does bring Spring and its own form of inspiration. Five current favourites below…

  1. Bulgarian Women’s Choir. Mmmm shivers. The voices, melody, and sheer power of this music transports me to the all-womxn church-forest of my dreams. Perfect background for writing, moonwork, or meditation in my opinion.
  2. White lillies. I was recently in a venue covered in white lilies, where the smell was just incredible. I quickly proceeded to hunt down a few for our tiny abode, and they have been a dream to live with. Lilies have always felt like a special-occasion, fancy flower, but really a single stem is not that expensive, and it has yielded 4 amazing, fragrant blooms straight out of of an O’Keeffe painting. Speaking of, I’m so excited for this to open next month!
  3. Wonder Valley Olive Oil. I miss California every day, it’s a problem. In an attempt to bring myself back there, I found this very special olive oil company and have been sparingly sprinkling their beautiful oil on my toasts/salads/pasta dishes. It brings me back to California’s farmers markets, beautiful reddish soil, and radiant sunshine, if only for a meal.
  4. Bunner’s creme eggs. I look forward to Bunner’s Easter menu year-round, seriously. Their creme eggs are amazing, one of my all-time favourite treats IN THE WORLD. Last year I bought close to a dozen and froze a few, but they didn’t quite last as long as I had hoped (oops). This year, I have been hounding the shopkeepers to find out the release date (still not announced), and cannot wait to sink my teeth into those delicious creamy hearts… yum.
  5. La Poudre Podcast. I’m usually not very enthused by the French feminist scene for the most part, and feel that North America is much more advanced. However, this gem of a podcast is a welcome exception. Lauren Bastide, impossibly sultry-voiced and skilled conversationalist podcast host, invites a diverse selection of French womxn to talk feminism, life, and uteri. Cue intelligent debates, a range of perspectives and experiences, and many laughs/tears. The podcast is in French, apologies to my anglophone friends, but the latest episode, a mini documentary about the Women’s March, is mostly in English with the French translation dubbed over.  

Photo credits: (La Poudre image), (vintage Bulgarian choir),Wonder Valley’s Instagram