I’m just back from a quickie weekend in New York, and didn’t make it to CAP Beauty this time (shocker), so decided to write about it instead.

CAP is a cool space. A natural beauty destination. A place to get inspired to live better. It’s tiny (although extremely well-stocked), but what makes it mighty is the powerful womxn behind it: Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima. These two were one of the first to bring modern, design-conscious natural beauty to NYC, and have continued to innovate ever since. CAP’s blog, The Thinking Cap is especially rich in inspirational content for everyone striving to live consciously and prioritize wellness in all shapes and forms.

A few of my CAP favourites:

  • Their coconut butter aka delicious fatty bliss of a spread. I eat it by the spoonful or mix it in teas and potions for an extra boost. Pure goodness.
  • Sun Potion’s tonic herbs, algae, greens, mushrooms and adaptogens to mix in my concoctions. Yes you can get these elsewhere, but I like to buy them at CAP to get fresh ideas on how to use them from the staff (such as mixing reishi in your face masks).
  • ZenBunni chocolates to take me back to California with their highest-quality ingredients, hippie vibes, and romantic packaging.

Highly recommend a quick drop by CAP for anyone in NYC, and it doesn’t hurt that the surrounding West Village is dreamy as can be.

Photo credits: CAP Beauty Instagram/Website