People who know me well know that rainy days are my favourite. As much as I adore the heat and sunshine, rain has always been so very special to me.

It could be my Brittany roots; the region’s infamous misty weather having imprinted on me. Or it could be growing up a sweaty white child in India, eagerly awaiting and celebrating the relief of each monsoon with wild outdoor dances. Either way, my love for rain is here to stay. I love big dark clouds, humidity in the air, the smell of raindrops, and the ions released during a storm.

Of course, I have developed a whole set of rituals to make these beloved days even more delicious. These range from drinking ridiculous amounts of tea to washing my hair and sitting in the window while it dries (the scent of shampoo + rain is heaven to me). Burning incense is another one, a mandatory contribution to a cozy grey day. Baking, yoga, and of course reading are also excellent activities that wet weather only renders more poetic and enjoyable. 

Needless to say, I am delighted by the showery promise that April brings. I cannot wait for cozy nights in watching the clouds burst over the city. What about you, is rain a treat or a pain? Tell me in the comments!