1. Big Little Lies. I watched this mini series a couple weeks ago, and it’s haunted me since. Excellent acting (those therapy scenes!), a stellar soundtrack, and a striking depiction of marital abuse that has definitely left a mark. I’ve had so many good conversations about the show since, which is always a bonus. 
  2. Bee Powered. I don’t really have seasonal allergies, but my eyes do tend to get red easily around this time of year. I’ve started taking a spoonful of this bee medicine every morning, and loving it so far. I’m also a bit of a sucker for anything made by bees, those magical creatures.
  3. Rainy days. I can’t over express my love of rainy days, and happily for me they are aplenty in April. I’ve so been enjoying stormy weather and its promise of May flowers.
  4. Sydney Hale Co. candles. These candles are my favourite. In celebration of spring, I’ve been burning their Mint Garden, which smells incredibly fresh and is probably the next best thing to actually frolicking in a lush herb patch.
  5. Walking. So happy we’re heading back into pleasant walking weather. Walking is always my chosen mode of transportation around the city, but now I’m back to taking long solo aimless walks and loving it. Can’t wait to start seeing more flowers popping up and turn these walks into legitimate plant stalking excursions.

Photo credits: hbocanada.com, sydneyhaleco.com, beekeepersnaturals.com,