I can be pretty demanding when it comes to downstairs business. No tampons, no weird substances, and definitely no itchy synthetic fabrics rubbing on me cramping my style. I like a breezy, happy, comfortable situation.

Cue Pansy. Underwear of my dreams. Beautiful (at least I think so), ethical, organic, eco-conscious, comfortable, and so clever. They’re not lacy thongs or frilly bras, but they feel like the sexiest thing because I can move, jump, run, stretch, and breathe in them. The next best thing to being naked.

Not to mention their colours are beautiful and their photoshoots the dreamiest. One day, I too will frolic in a field of flowers in my underwear, braiding my friends’ hair and picking fruits off the trees. In the meantime, I shall save my pennies and continue to upgrade every piece of underwear I own.

Photo credits: http://www.pansy.co/