1. Healing Spirit Nutrition‘s coconut milk kefir. Ever since trying Anita’s coconut yogurt in New York, I’ve been hunting for an equivalent in Toronto, and of course it was going to be 4 Life Natural Foods that answered my prayers. They’ve recently started carrying these delicious kefirs and kombuchas, and I’ve been devouring their coconut milk kefir daily. Tangy, creamy, and amazing with a little maple syrup.
  2. Magnolias. The bloom season for these is short, but one of the sweetest times of the year. I have so loved my long walks all around the city, visiting my favourite trees and admiring these impossibly poetic blooms.
  3. The Handmaid’s Tale. Not the most original thing to have on my radar these days, but so be it. An excellent book of course, and the TV adaptation does not disappoint. Powerful, uncomfortable, but also beautiful and not without a sense of humour. Sensitive viewers beware, many scenes are gut-wrenching to watch.
  4. This song. As the days get longer, evenings get dreamier; playing music outside on the balcony until late is the best. Thank you to my little sister for giving me this song last month, which has been on repeat ever since.
  5. Tartines. Back to eating like a French schoolgirl, and not complaining. Come spring, I pretty much start eating picnics for every meal, which is good for the soul at the very least. No shame though, bread makes everything better and there’s no limit to my tartine topping game. Pesto, avocado, smoked salt, cashew spread, radishes, cucumbers, hummus, tahini, guac, honey, coconut butter, I could go on and on.

Photo credits: The Handmaid’s Tale- newyorker.com